Matekers Meats in Saint Louis Catering Specialist for any Event
Matekers Meats in Saint Louis Catering Specialist for any Event

Matekers Meats & Catering - Seafood - Deli - BBQ - Grocery

Call: 314-842-4100  |  Fax: 314-842-4133

We have all the Meats, Cheeses, Seafood, Fresh Cooked BBQ, and Grocery needs!


Mateker's Retail Meat Shop in St. Louis, MO Mateker's Retail Meat Shop in St. Louis, MO

Matekers Meats of Saint Louis - Wedding Catering Package Meat - Fresh Deli - Fresh BBQ - Beer
Welcome to Mateker's Meat and Catering, we will provide you with courtious, professional customer service. Please contact us at 314-842-4100 if you have any questions, comments, or inquiries of our Catering Services. We will be happy to accommodate you in any way we can.
We are conveniently located in the South County area of Saint Louis Missouri. Please click here for a Map of our location.
Since 1932 we have always utilized and still do utilize Professional Old Fashioned Butchers to cut your meat to assure you only the highest quality cuts of meat. Our Butchers can even give you helpful hints with recipes and ways to cook your meat.




Here at Mateker's Meat & Catering we grind all of our burger daily from Fresh Boneless Chucks.


We never use Tube Burger from Packing Houses.


If you have never tried our fresh burger please stop by and notice the difference.




Please visit our conveniently located store for Fresh Meats of all kind, to speak to someone about your next Catering event, for a fresh cooked lunch cooked to order, a freshly made deli sandwich made to order, pick up groceries, or just to pick up some beer or other spirits.


The catering business demands a constant influx of fresh culinary ideas mixed with gourmet experience to keep the most demanding customers satisfied. Let Matekers Meat and Catering be your partner as you entertain your guests. We can satisfy your gourmet demands with our many years of experience in the culinary industry. 

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We can Cater any event for you!

We pride ourselves on creating high quality, unique dishes. At Mateker's Meat and Catering, you can always expect delicious and healthy catering options. Whether its a classic favorite or a special new culinary dish that you crave, you'll always find a wide variety of tasty delights at Mateker's Meat and Catering.


Mateker's Meat and Catering
Seafood - Deli - Grocery - Wine & Beer

11642 Concord Village Plaza III
St. Louis, MO 63128

Phone: (314) 842-4100

Fax:     (314) 842-4133


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