Matekers Fresh Deli of Saint Louis for your next Party

Make Matekers Fresh Deli of Saint Louis your destination for any party. Matekers Fresh deli of Saint Louis and seafood trays are for any occasion. Tailgating, Birthdays, Graduations or just a day to celebrate. We have a variety of trays for any occasions.



Texas Jumbo Shrimp Platters

Texas Gulf Jumbo Shrimp cooked, peeled and deveined
on a bed of lettuce with lemon wedges and homemade cocktail sauce.


 50 Shrimp    $89.99

  75 Shrimp    $125.99

100 Shrimp    $159.99

150 Shrimp    $229.99




Mateker's Gourmet Meat & Cheese
Roast Beef, Ham & Turkey breast with baby swiss and sharp cheddar,
Served with mustard 
We use premium Dietz & Watson Meats & Cheeses

Serves 10-15

3 lbs. Meat

1.5 lbs. Cheese




Serves 15-20

3.75 lbs. Meat

1.5 lbs. Cheese



Serves 20-25

4.5 lbs. Meat

2.5 lbs. Cheese




Baby Swiss, Monterrey Jack with jalapeno, Sharp Cheddar,
Smoked Gouda and Colby Jack, Garnished with Grapes.


Serves 10-15

2.25 lbs. Cheeses

.5 lbs. Fruit




Serves 25-30

3.75 lbs. Cheeses

.5 lbs. Fruit





Cubes of beef, hard salami and pepperoni,
Super Sharp and Pepper Jack Cheese.


Serves 4-6

.75 lbs. Meat

.75 lbs. Cheese




Serves 10-15

1.15 lbs. Meat

1.15 lbs. Cheese




Serves 15-25

2.25 lbs. Meat

2.25 lbs. Cheese





Italian Style meatballs served with your choice of BBQ sauce or marinara



Serves 15-20
3.5 lbs meatballs
1.5 lbs sauce




Toasted beef ravioli served with pasta sauce
Serves 20-25
3.5 lbs Ravioli
.75 lbs sauce




Our Famous Broaster Chicken Fingers juicy inside and crispy breading.
Served with 2 sauces: BBQ, Ranch or Honey Mustard
Serves 10-15
3.5 lbs meat
.75 lbs sauce




Fresh Strawberries served with 3 Dips:
Caramel, Fruit and Chocolate.
4.0 lbs


Potato Skins - Little Smokies - Crab Rangoon


Potato Skins with Cheddar, Bacon, Green onion and sour cream

$25.99 / 25ct


Little Smokies in BBQ

$9.99 / 25ct


Crab Rangoon with Sweet & Sour Sauce

$19.99 / 25ct



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